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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Yummy Tomasello Wines!

I was in Whole Foods not too long ago. I like to go there because they have certain things I like that aren't in other stores and they always have samples out for you to taste. A man stopped me and asked me to try some wine. I figure I'm finished with work and I could use a drink. So, I tried the blueberry, the cherry, the blackberry and pomegranate. He explained to me that there wasn't any sugar in the wine and it's full of antioxidants. I tried them all. They were all sweet except for the cherry which was bitter. Didn't like that one at all. I had a hard time choosing between the blackberry and blueberry. He gave me more wine to sample. I already had a buzz and was giggling much too much. I decided on the blackberry because it was the sweeter of the two. I love a sweet wine. So, if you're ever in Whole Foods look for Tomasello Wines. They are yummy and only about $10.00 a bottle. Or check out their website.
Tomasello Winery