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Monday, October 5, 2015

Ramsey Lewis Take Another Look-Deluxe Edition

Back in 2011 Ramsey Lewis released Take Another Look.  It was a CD going back to his electric band roots of the 1970s.  What I like to call the 'Sun Goddess' Era.

The deluxe edition released in 2015 has three bonus songs 'Jungle Strut', 'Tambura', and 'Sharing Her Journey.' This CD takes me back to my younger days when my parents played their Ramsey Lewis records.  Below you can see Ramsey talking about how the CD Take Another Look came together.

Track  Listing:
1.  Intimacy
2.  Tambura
3.  Love  Song
4.  Living  for  the  City
5.  Betcha  by  Golly  Wow
6.  To  Know  Her
7.  The  Way  She  Smiles
8.  Jungle  Strut
9.  Sharing  Her  Journey
10.  Sun  Goddess
Bonus  Tracks:
1.  Jungle  Strut  - Dr.  John
2.  Tambura  -- Kung  Fu
3.  Sharing  Her  Journey  - TAUK

I like the mixture of  songs on this CD.  There's something for everyone. This is a great CD to listen to while relaxing or hanging out with friends and family this holiday season.  And for the Ramsey Lewis or jazz music fan in your life this would make a great gift.  It's never too early to start thinking about holiday gifts. 

Speaking of holidays, my first introduction to Ramsey Lewis was his Sound of Christmas album as a child.  It wasn't officially Christmastime until that album was played in our home  and I still feel that way.  I bet once you hear this CD it will be on heavy rotation in your home too!

Any Ramsey Lewis CD would be an excellent addition to your music library.

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