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Fresh Produce Clothing
About Me: I'm a mom and a wife originally from Chicago and now we live in Toronto. Previously we have lived in NYC and Vancouver BC.  I'm a former Social Worker changing careers to Social Media Marketing.  We have two children a boy 10 and a girl 8. I like to spend my time reading books (mostly horror), trying out new recipes, finding new products to tell my readers about, live tweeting shows and traveling with the family.

Batter and Berries Chicago

About My Blog:  This blog is a product review blog. I am always looking for new products to tell my readers about.  I love sharing with them and making their lives easier.  I guess that's the Social Worker in me. I review workout DVDs, skin care products, restaurants, apps, snacks, clothing, kitchen gadgets, just to name a few.
Matcha DNA Green Tea

The Brands I Have Partnered With: I have partnered with various workout gurus including Jeanette Jenkins, Jari Love, and Sylwia Wiesenberg. I have also partnered with  Matcha DNA Green Tea, Quest Nutrition, Gung Ho Energy Drinks, Fresh Produce Clothing, Slimkicker, Harmonic soft, Kiss Products Inc. Quality Life Essentials and Syntrax. 

Quest Nutrition

Statistics: In the past two months I have doubled my readers.  I'm very comfortable on social media and I always make sure to share on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. 

My Rates: Rates are negotiable. I do require a sample of the product for sponsored reviews and giveaways.  I always deliver a review within the brand's time frame.

Please feel free to contact me at:  or on social media at 
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