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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Favorite Fall Scent Love's Rainforest Body Mist

So yesterday was my birthday. I decided to buy something for myself. I don't have a lot of money and usually I feel guilty about spending whatever money I have on myself and not the kids. I wanted a new fragrance to wear. The past couple of months I've noticed the Love's Rainforest Body Mist in the CVS. Every time I would go in there I would spray a little on me from the sample bottle. I love the scent. It smells very clean and natural. Today I've gotten many compliments about the fragrance. I sprayed it on this morning and it has lasted all day.

It's not very expensive. I paid $6 for the 2.5 oz bottle. Another good thing is that the bottle and the cap are manufactured using recycled materials and a portion of the proceeds from the sales are donated to rainforest preservation. In my teenage years I wore Love's Babysoft. I think this smells a lot better and a purchase helps the environment.