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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Paul Chek on Cardio from Gabby Reece's website

Basically he says that cardio can be too stressful for some people. It puts too much stress on the adrenal glands and releases cortisol and maybe they should just stick with strength training. You should change up the strength training routine every 4-6 weeks. I have strength training DVDs that increase the heart rate just like a cardio routine would. So, I think I will give this a try. Check out the link below and see what you think. I have also put my workout for the next week below. I will try to do strength training 4-5 times a week. I will include yoga as put of my strength training routine. I walk a lot already so I will just use that as my cardio. has shared the following link with you via AddToAny:

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Sunday-Amy Bento All Pump Extreme
Monday-Yoga Meltdown w/Jillian Michaels
Tuesday-Shred It With Weights w/Jillian Michaels
Wednesday-Yoga Meltdown w/Jillian Michaels
Friday-Lean Machine w/Jari Love
Saturday-Shred It With Weights w/Jillian Michaels