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Monday, October 25, 2010

Review of the Day: Jackie Warner Xtreme Timesaver Training

I have to say this was the most intense 30 minutes of my life and that's a good thing. Jackie Warner is a celebrity personal trainer and she commands sometimes $400 an hour. She's worth it! In this DVD she you can get a whole body workout in about 30 minutes. Not only is this a strength training workout, but it also makes your heart rate go through the roof. So, it's also a cardio workout as well. That's why she calls it 2 workouts in 1.

It starts off with a brief warm-up. During the warm-up she warns you that this is a shoulder heavy workout. She explains during the workout that she likes to get her celebrity clients "Red carpet ready" by building out the shoulders so they have a v-line and that will makes the midsection look smaller. Here are the sections:
*Shoulders & Glutes
*Quads & Arms
*Hips, Chest & Back
*Core & All over body

The workout consists of exercises that work the lower and upper body at the same time. Each exercise is done for 1 minute. Sometimes that minute seems to last forever. She's motivating and it really feels like you are getting a personal training session.

It ends with a cool down and stretch. And by the end of the workout you feel like you have really accomplished something and that stretch feels really good. I highly recommend this DVD especially if you are short on time. You will get an amazing workout in 30 minutes.