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Friday, October 1, 2010

Review of the day: Carriers

I rented this movie from the Horror section at Blockbuster. It's not really Horror to me it's more of a Thriller. Brian, his girlfriend Bobby, his brother Danny and friend Kate are trying to outrun a viral pandemic and get to the brothers childhood beach vacation spot. They run into a father (Frank)and his daughter (Jodie) who is infected. Frank and Jodie are stranded because they ran out of gas.Frank heard that there was a hospital that had an antidote for the virus. When their car breaks down they give Frank their gas in exchange for use of his car. When they get to the hospital they find one lone doctor and several children who are infected. There's a heartbreaking scene with the children that made me want to jump through the screen to help them.

Frank and his daughter's plight is something that stayed with me even after the movie was over. Because Brian decided he didn't want to take the Frank and Jodie any further they left them at the hospital. I wondered did he keep trying to save his daughter or did he give up. Some of the decisions made in this movie I thought were callous, wrong and selfish. I wondered if I would have made some of the same decisions. I guess we will never know until we are faced with this situation.

I enjoyed the movie, but was disappointed that it wasn't an Horror movie. I thought the acting was very good and it had some very suspenseful moments.