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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fall Favorites 2011

Well, I haven't been posting much. I've been busy with the kids and moving to this new house. Now we are planning another move and I've been stressed out. But I do have some favorite things I would like to share with you at this time.

Last year my favorite thing to wear on my head was a newsboy hat. This year it's a fedora. I found a really cute one at target.

As I've told you before Fall is my favorite time of year. I love for my house to smell good, because we no longer have the windows open to get fresh air inside. I really like Airwick's Apple & Shimmering Spice Scented Oil. Mixture of apples and spices makes the house smell like there's an apple pie baking all the time.

I'm always looking for ways to lose weight. I have found a protein shake that comes in many different flavors and is delish. It's called Fit Frappe and it's made by Big Train. I received a free sample from them a couple of months ago. I replace one meal a day with the Fit Frappe. My favorite is the vanilla. You know how sometimes vanilla tastes bland. This vanilla is really bold in flavor. I like to mix it with fruit juice. My favorite way to mix it is with another one of my Fall faves So Delicious Coconut Milk. They make other drinks mixes as well. Check them out!

I love coffee and a new favorite creamer by Coffee Mate is their White Chocolate Caramel Latte. So delicious you can taste each flavor and they go so well together.

When I'm not making my own coffee at home I sometimes go to Caribou Coffee. They have a Vanilla White Chocolate Mocha that is to die for. I had it with skim milk and non-fat whipped cream and you would never know you were drinking a low fat coffee.