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Friday, October 22, 2010

Review of the Day: Dark House

A former foster home where there was a gruesome murder spree is turned into a haunted house. You don't see the murders, but during the opening credits get the idea that it was gruesome because you see blood splatter on dolls and stuffed toys and the sound of children screaming.

A little girl, Claire enters the foster home and finds the children dead and a woman covered in blood with her hand in a garbage disposal. As a result of seeing this horrific scene Claire now a grownup and an actress suffers night terrors, panic attacks and depression for which she takes medication. She doesn't like taking the medication so her psychiatrist suggest she go back to the Darrode house and face her past and her fears.

This is where Walston Ray (Jefferey Combs) comes in. He is the creator of the haunted house. He offers Claire and her fellow acting students 300.00 a day to perform in the haunted house that was the Darrode Foster Home. It's not your normal everyday haunted house. It has an amazing holographic system. Claire does some research on the new haunted house and finds pictures of the Darrode Foster Home murder spree on the internet.

Now there were a couple of things I had some problems with. First of all this woman, Claire is so terrified to go back to this house, but when money is mentioned she accepts the job and talks the other actors into it with no hesitation. Also finding all of those pictures so easily on the internet wasn't believable.

I did find the movie to be enjoyable, the acting in some cases was a little bit over the top. The special effects were great, but I thought it took a little to long to get to the horror. When everything started happening it was non-stop and gory. If it was a real haunted house I would definitely want to go. By the end of the film you're left with a feeling that you're not sure what really happened.