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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Review of the Day: RED

Former CIA agent Frank Moses (Bruce Willis) is retired and living a boring suburban life. When someone tries to kill him he is thrust back into CIA action. He finds out he has been determined RED (retired,extremely dangerous). He then kidnaps the woman, Sarah (Mary-Louise Parker) he's been speaking to on the phone about his pension checks. Didn't really understand why he knew they would try to kill her too because it wasn't like he was telling her government secrets.

The pacing of the movie was all wrong. It seemed like they were trying too hard to make a story out of nothing. I was bored for most of the film except when the John Malkovich character Marvin shows up. He had some funny moments and when there were explosives I was impressed with the special effects.

The trailer makes it seem like they are all together in the movie for most of it, but it took forever for us to see Helen Mirren. She played Victoria and she was a badass. I just kept saying to myself if I could look half as good as her when I'm sixty I will be happy. She looked very comfortable shooting a machine gun in an evening gown. Morgan Freeman was great as always. I just was disappointed that all of these extremely talented actors couldn't save this movie. If you like a lot of action and don't really care about the script then this is the movie for you.