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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Review of the Day: Shred-It with Weights

Another day, another insane intense workout. Ok, I've been doing level one of this workout for a couple of weeks because it's On Demand. My husband got me the DVD for my birthday. Level one is intense. I used a 15 lbs. dumbbell because I don't have a kettlebell. On Demand there is just the level one workout and no recommendations of what to use. So, I used that. The weight seemed fine until I had to do the Turkish Get Up. That exercise you lay down on the floor holding the kettlebell up. You must sit up and then push yourself off the floor. I've tried this with weight and without and I still have trouble doing it.

So, when I get the DVD I find out if you don't have a kettlebell you should use 3-8 lbs. dumbbell. I tried the second level with the 15 lbs. dumbbell and quickly switched to 5 lbs. and that felt too light. I think I might try 10 lbs. next time. The second level is definitely more difficult. I found myself stopping to catch my breath and I had to modify some of the exercises like the plank row because I wasn't able to do the twist with it and the push-up because I didn't feel comfortable pushing up on the dumbbell.

Jillian as usual was encouraging and motivating. The music kept me energized. I've heard some people complain about her form. I'm not a kettlebell user so I don't know if her form is perfect or not. I know that this workout is a nice mix of cardio and strength. My heart rate was up for most of this workout. I had a pretty good sweat going on. Each section is only 30 minutes, but by the end you feel like you have had a good all over body workout.

I might go back to level one for another couple of weeks because level two is significantly more difficult.