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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review of the Day: The Woods Have Eyes

I didn't think I could get a page worth of notes from this movie. I was terribly disappointed in the entire movie. The writing was horrible. Here's a sample of some of the lines: "They can smell you from a mile away. They're hillbillies." "I have the eyes of an eagle and the scent of a bear." The acting was just as bad. With a storyline that took 20 plus minus to see some type of action. Which turned out to be the local yocal Clemmie accidentally killing a girl named Billie Jo.

The movie starts out with 3 city boys going up to be with their other family members in the woods. The movie is supposed to be inspired by true events. It starts off slow. I guess letting us get to know the characters. But as usual there is a story about the very woods they plan to go hiking in. There's a killer called Cappy. So,we know who our villain is. The boys get lost in the woods. They do find Cappy's house. Clemmie is in the house trying to wake up a dead Billie Jo. He then grabs one of the boys through a window. Cappy just happens to be Clemmie's dad. He wants to protect his son. So, he, Clemmie and another son go after them. There's a police search for the boys. They search the entire night and most of the second day. It's kind of hard to believe they didn't find them quicker.

I won't tell you the ending, but it's kind of anti-climatic and rather unnecessary. One good thing about the movie was the special effects makeup.