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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Review of the Day: Ideal artificial sweetener

I'm a Splenda girl. I have been for several years now. I've tried other sweeteners like Equal and Sweet & Low, but either they leave an aftertaste or in some studies they have been said to be harmful. I like Splenda because it's supposed to be from sugar. There was a study from Duke University that stated there are some side effects and that Splenda is not natural. So, this is a big concern for me. I've tried Stevia. Don't like the taste. Agave is great and I use it for baking, but in So, I was excited to hear about Ideal.It's made from Xylitol and is said to be a natural sweetener found in fruits and vegetables. It's suitable for diabetics. I tried Ideal and I like it a lot. I don't have to use as many packets of Ideal as I do for Splenda for me to taste the sweetness. I will be trying some baking recipes with Ideal to see how well it does and I will review those recipes then. I believe I will be switching to Ideal.