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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

All Body Gym Workout – Challenging

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via The Official Website of Gabby Reece by Editor on 9/28/10

By Gabby Reece
Recommended Workload
Reps: 10-12
Sets: 3-4
these moves are challenging so are not recommended for beginners

1. Dumbbell Clean and Jerk
snap from the hips going forward – be dynamic
2. Dumbbell Open and Close Bicep Curl
two part move – bicep curl front then to the side for 1 rep
3. Cable Shoulder Fly
6-7 across
6-7 front
6-7 behind
4. Dumbbell Squat Jump to Toes
jump and stabilize – don't leave the ground
5. Ab Leg Lift Machine
12-15 Reps – keep upper body core still – use legs
6. Bench Dip and Bridge
squeeze glutes, keep stomach firm
7. Dumbbell Straight Leg Dead Lift
pull up with your legs not your back
8. Dumbbell Chest Fly
keep legs up for extra challenge – two arms at a time or one
9. Cable Low to High
reach forward and pull up and across while shifting your hips
10. Cable Golf Swing
pull with your legs to get the weight to the other side
11. Leg Extension Machine
extend and squeeze, lower and control the weight

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