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Friday, September 24, 2010

Review of the day: Must See TV


I love to watch TV. I won't admit that to my husband, but yes I do. So, I was really looking forward to the return of the NBC Thursday night lineup. First of all Parks and Recreation wasn't there to make room for Outsourced. The latter I will talk about later. Parks & Rec is a show I really enjoyed the whole entire cast worked well together. My DH says it will now be a mid-season replacement. Obviously for Outsourced. Todd comes back from management training only to find that his entire call center staff has been outsourced to India. He must move to India or lose his job. Basically I didn't really like this show. It seemed to be trying too hard to be funny. Todd had many lame jokes that made it uncomfortable to watch and not really like his character. Of course he finds out he has a team of "losers" so he schools them on the American way of life. Which happens to have a bunch of crude Christmas items they have to sell. The more interesting character is the co-manager Rajiv (sp). He will take over if Todd is successful and then returns to the States or he will also take over if he fails. So, maybe his sabotaging Todd will be interesting, but as for the rest of the show I can live without it. Bring back Parks & Rec.

Just a little about the other shows. Community returned with the gang taking anthropology instead of spanish. Senor Chang is now a student. They all had a argument (which usually happens) after Britta finds out Jeff kissed Annie after sleeping with her and by the end of the episode Jeff realizes he was wrong and everything goes back to normal. Betty White appeared in the episode as the anthropology teacher. As per usual she was great, but after attacking Jeff with a weapon she made of several other weapons she was suspended. She had a rap at the end of the episode with Troy and Abed.

30 Rock was back and the writing was just as great as ever. A ton of quotable lines like "How was your summer?" "My gynecologist committed suicide!" Kenneth is gone to be replaced by Brian. Kenneth made several appearances in the episode because Tracy kept seeing him everywhere. Matt Damon returned to try to have a "grown up relationship" with Liz. She fought it, but eventually gave in. Jenna was promoted to a producer and turned out to be very good. A little too good.

The Office started out with everyone lip syncing a song. I can't believe this will be Steve Carell's last season. Michael hired his nephew Luke who turned out to be useless. His frustration finally grows and reaches his boiling point. Michael spanks Luke in front of everyone and will now have to attend counseling through HR (Toby) Pam ruined a joke that Jim was playing on Dwight. She tries to "Pam" him with an elevator prank and ends up stuck in the elevator with him. Not long, but Dwight still wants to establish a pee corner.

I have say I enjoyed all of the shows except for Outsourced which I'm willing to give another try.