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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Review of the Day: Rec

If you watch Rec you will immediately realize that it's very similar to Quarantine (2008).  Actually Quarantine was a remake of Rec.  It's almost a scene by scene remake, but there are some differences I noticed right away. Both movies start out the same with a reporter and her cameraman at a firehouse following fireman around late at night.  They walk around the firehouse and have a little banter. Then the fireman get a call and the reporter and her cameraman follow them to a call that is located at an apartment building. After that Rec is very similar to Quarantine, but the noticeable difference is the police officer in the building with the rest of the people seems to be in more contact with the police and other officials outside.  In Quarantine the police officer seemed to be as clueless to what's going on as the other people in the building.  Also, the police or whomever is over the loudspeaker speaking to the people on the inside are a lot more polite.  They ask for the cooperation of the quarantined people and thank them several times.  In Rec the reporter interviews many of the people who were quarantined.  It was like they wanted us to get to know the apartment inhabitants better.  Also, in Rec you never see the cameraman's face.  At least I don't remember it.  In Quarantine we saw him several times.   Another big difference between the films is that in Rec there is quite a long time when nothing happens.  In Quarantine there's something happening every couple of minutes at least.  Because I'm a big horror fan I liked Quarantine better because of the constant action, but I would have to say that the original Rec was very good.  I enjoyed it and was on the edge of my seat the entire film.