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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Review of the Day: Jari Love's Lean Machine

This workout is from her Extremely Ripped series. I enjoy doing all of Jari Love's workouts. She's a great motivator and I like that she always has modifiers even when using the step in her DVDs. This DVD is said to have three 30 minute workouts. Well, it's not broken down into 3 sections. The Lean Machine workout is around 60 minutes, but the workout isn't separated in the menu into two 30 minute workouts. So, if I just want to do 30 minutes I have to make sure to watch the clock and then stop. Secondly, the 3rd workout is the 30 minute resistance training from the Body Rock DVD. If I had the Body Rock DVD I would be upset that she included this workout on another DVD. I don't think it was necessary to do that.

The workout itself is different that some of her others. There's a lot more footwork. Sometimes to me the footwork and the arm movements are awkward together. I've done this workout 3 times already and I think a few more times it will feel less awkward. The music in Lean Machine is very good.

I have to say this is not one of her best. I love Get Extremely Ripped 1000. That DVD had chapter divisions where you could do the entire workout in 60 minutes or you could do the 30 minute workouts separately. And you could just do the aerobic section or the strength training section. Love that.

I do like that Jari Love always listens to her fans. You can tell with each DVD she releases that she has listened to us. Now she needs to go back to what she was doing before. I don't think the dancing and strength training works well together at all.