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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Review of the Day: Bob Harper's Pure Burn Super Strength

I have to say this was the toughest workout I have ever done. I remember reading Bob's tweet when he was filming his latest workouts. He showed a picture of the workout talent and mentioned that she had just vomited because the workout was so hard. I believe him. This is how I felt today. There is a 60 minute workout and a 20 minute workout for beginners. Of course I did the 60 minute workout;-)

This is a pure strength training workout. It starts off with a warm-up and then immediately we start the workout. One nice thing about this DVD was that there wasn't a lot of junk at the beginning. It takes your straight to the menu. There's a clock on the bottom of the screen telling you how much time is left in the workout. I thought that was a bad idea because I would be looking at that all the time and time would stand still. Not true! I was so busy working out and sweating I barely paid any attention to the clock. I looked up one time and it said 60 minutes. The next time I looked up it said 35 minutes.

There are a lot of repetitions and isometric holds. The workout flowed nicely to me. You barely get any time to rest between the exercises so your heart rate stays up. The workout talent behind him were working really hard. I'm wondering if they did any rehearsals at all, because they seemed to be struggling just as much as I was during some of the workout. I felt bad for them, but also it was comforting. By the end I was completely drenched in sweat and ended up in a fetal position.

After some recovery I came out of the fetal position to do the 20 minute workout. Just to see what it was like. It was an extremely modified version of the 60 minute workout. It felt like a walk in the park compared to the 60 minute workout. I like Bob. As he mentioned in the DVD he is "the nice one", but he kicked my butt today. And because you like Bob you want to do your best and workout as hard as possible. Even though it was really tough I highly recommend it. I like tough workouts like this.