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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Quick Tuesday Tip: Kindle App

I remember the first time I saw the Kindle. I was watching Oprah with my mom. It was of course one of her "Favorite Things" show. I said to her that my husband would love that because he's a voracious reader. I got the Kindle for him for Christmas. Back then it was $300.00.  He didn't like it. He likes to feel the book in his hand. So I sent it back.

Fast forward to today and the Kindle is still around, but a heck of a lot cheaper! Check it out here! But now you don't need the Kindle any more to download books from Amazon.  I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 that I love! The Kindle app is one of my favorite apps. There are over 850,000 books to choose from. I have downloaded so many books from Amazon. There are a lot free books available too.

It only takes 60 seconds for a book to be downloaded. If you're not sure about a book, Amazon can send you a sample. This is a fantastic app!  And the best thing's free!

Do you have the Kindle app?! Or are you like my husband and only read paper books. Yes, he still refuses to read any book on an eReader.  Let me know what you think of it. Please leave a comment below or go to the Contact Page to find out how to connect with me!

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