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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

You Can Make Eczema and Psoriasis Disappear with Flexitol

Flexitol Review

My daughter has really bad eczema and it seems to flare up in the spring and summer. I've tried many products to treat it. I wanted something natural without steroids. I went on the website to search for a new product. I decided to try Flexitol because it's said to treat eczema and psoriasis with a blend of homeopathic ingredients, herbal extracts and essential oils. Flexitol doesn't have cortisone, steroids, parabens, nut oils and coal tar.

Flexitol makes eczema and psoriasis disappear!

This is a great product. I noticed a change in my daughter's skin the very next day. The redness was gone and her skin was smoother. She had less itching and dryness which meant less scratching and damage to her skin. I use Flexitol on my daughter's skin every day.

My daughter doesn't like the scent. To me it's not bad. It kind of smells like tea tree oil to me. But the scent goes away within a few minutes of application. It blends in quickly and easily. Not greasy at all. I highly recommend this product. Flexitol is also available at Amazon.

Disclaimer:  I received no monetary compensation for this review.  The views are my own and results may vary.