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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Bootcamp DVD

Bikini Bootcamp DVD

Jeanette Jenkins was born and raised in Canada.  She is now internationally known as the Hollywood Trainer.  She has been featured on the Dr. Oz show and The Doctors. She's also been featured in Fitness, Shape and Health magazines. Her roster of clients include Serena Williams, Robin Thicke, Tia Mowry, Christina Applegate and Kelly Rowland. Ms. Rowland was also featured in her Sexy Abs DVD.

If you are looking to get bikini ready then Bikini Bootcamp is the  DVD for you. There's a 5 minute warm-up with some great music. I found myself wanting to dance during the warm-up.

Cardio Camp is the next section of the DVD.  The Cardio Camp is 28 minutes and is broken down into 5 circuits.  She teased me with the first circuit.  I said to myself 'Oh this is so easy.  I got this!'  Then starting with the second circuit it's like she flipped a switch and we were off and running.  It includes kickboxing and plyo. My two favorite types of cardio.  Next it was time to do some strength training. Chisel Camp is 25 minutes and was fun and challenging. I used 8-10 lbs dumbbells for the two circuits in the Chisel Camp. Jeanette recommends 8-10 pound dumbbells for circuit one and 3-5 pounds for circuit two. My heart rate stayed elevated through both Cardio and Chisel Camp.  I needed Lebron's headband during this workout.  Tons of sweat pouring down my face. I burned an average of 9 calories per minute while doing Cardio and Chisel Camp!

Jeanette is cheerful and a great motivator.  Whenever she said "Don't rush it." I felt like she could see me through the screen. Her cues were good. I was able to keep up. She also had moves in this DVD that I had never seen in any other DVD.  And if you follow my blog Beauty, Fitness & Health...Oh my! you know I have well over 60 workout DVDs. I love being challenged with new moves!

The next section was the Ab Camp. It's only 9 minutes.  I wondered to myself 'How am I going to get a complete abs workout in nine minutes?'  Well, she found a way with six tough moves.  With two of the exercises you use a 10 lbs dumbbell.  We did the exercises 2 times through and hit the lower abs and obliques.  Two problem areas for me.

The DVD ends with a relaxing stretch that lasted for eight minutes.  I really loved it and felt energized at the end.  This is a great overall DVD to get you ready for summer.  I will be giving away 1 copy of Bikini Boot Camp to one lucky winner.  The giveaway ends May 19, 2012 at 12:01am. The winner will be chosen via Rafflecopter. Thanks Jeanette for providing the DVD to giveaway;-)
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