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Monday, June 4, 2012

Getting College Textbooks Couldn't Be Easier!

Textbook rentals is a great idea! The best thing I've ever done in my life was to get a college degree and of course marrying my husband and having our children.  The university I attended was expensive.  The courses were expensive and so were the textbooks.  Every semester I would sign up for my classes and then head downstairs to the bookstore along with hundreds of other students looking for my textbooks. It was sometimes frustrating because there were times the textbooks wouldn't be available or if they were the price tag would make me want to cry.  I remember paying 95.00 for one textbook!  I knew at the end of the semester I could sell it back to the bookstore and get half my money back, but sometimes they wouldn't take it back because the instructor would be using a different textbook the next semester.

Nowadays students have another option, they can rent textbooks. Textbook rentals couldn't be easier.  You search for the textbooks using the barcode, author name, keyword or title.  Rent the textbook using the easy to navigate website, receive the textbook shipped to you for FREE and you can send back the textbook rentals for FREE of charge in the envelope provided to you.  What could be simpler?! And you know as a college student there is enough stress with your classes.  At least you know getting your textbooks can be stress free.  I wish we had this when I was in college. Check out their website for easy textbook rentals!