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Monday, May 21, 2012

Sculpt Dynamics With Sylwia Wiesenberg

Tonique is unique and basic. Tonique was created by women for women. The Tonique lifestyle is not to deprive yourself. Sylwia believes you can have what you want just in moderation. Just eat less, but enjoy everything. Sylwia Wiesenberg is a mom of two and understands what it's like to have a body that could look a little better. She wants you to feel confident. Sylwia feels a woman should be a bit selfish and take the time to take care of herself. Take some "Me Time." Even if it's just spending an hour a day working out with her. A woman should take the time to escape and reflect on herself. During this time you should involve movement.

 "Make yourself number 1!"-Sylwia

I've been doing Tonique workouts off and on for two years. I really love her positive personality. You can feel her passion for fitness and movement come through the screen. Sculpt Dynamics is a mixture of cardio and sculpting like many of her other workouts, but there are some differences. First the music is mostly jazz. Something you don't usually hear in a workout DVD. Second, there is a lot more dancing in the DVD than usual. Third, there's one DVD for the cardio sculpting of the entire body and another DVD just for the arms.

"Your goal should always exceed your expectations!"-Sylwia

Sylwia's workouts are always challenging. You don't need to use dumbbells or weights.  If you do she recommends you use 2-3 pound weights. She works every muscle in your body in many different angles. Sculpt Dynamics is definitely an advanced workout. She doesn't have a modifier. Listen to your body. If you find a move too difficult modify it yourself, dance or walk in place. Some movement is better than nothing. Most of her workouts focus on the lower body. I think that's why she has a separate DVD just for the arms this time. You still get a cardio workout during the arms DVD. Just not as much as disc 1.

Check out ToniqueFitness on YouTube!

I liked these workouts. Disc 1 is the cardio sculpting for the whole body. You are sculpting your body and getting your heart rate up at the same time. Disc 1 is two hours. I haven't done the entire DVD on one day. I usually split them into 2. Disc 2 is 40 minutes and is just arms sculpting. Like I said before you do get a cardio workout with this one as well, but most of the DVD is focused on the arms. Sometimes she doesn't cue you to let you know when to change from a single to a double in the exercise for example. So,you have to keep your eye on the screen.

Sylwia cooking and working out on Windy City Live!

I contacted Sylwia because I wanted to review and giveaway her latest DVD. She didn't offer just one DVD, but 4 DVDs for me to giveaway to 4 of my readers. She's such a sweetheart! Thanks Sylwia;-)  You can enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.  Giveaway ends June 25, 2012 at 12:01am EST.

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