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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unicoi Art Studio

Fish in the Ocean

It's that time of year when parents start looking for summer activities and camp for the kids.  I'm in the midst of doing this right now.  We plan to spend a lot of time in Chicago this year. One year I put my son in Chicago Park District camp, but it ended the first week of August so we still had 3-4 weeks of summer vacation left. I like to keep my kids busy and active when they aren't in school.

artwork from unicoi art studio
Chicago Skyline

 That year we found Unicoi Art Studio and they were able to take him a couple of days a week.  It's located in the Roscoe Village area of Chicago.  They have been providing art activities for kids since 1999. Unicoi has art classes daily, camps during the school year, winter and summer. I found the teachers there to be friendly, patient and caring.  I felt comfortable leaving my son with them.  My son loved going there.  Not only would I put him there during the summer, but he would go during the school year and take a class once a week.  The classes are affordable.  I couldn't believe how much my son grew as an artist.   I was amazed at what he was capable of doing.  So, if you are looking for activities for your kids this summer check out Unicoi Art Studio.  Unicoi's summer camp is from June 11-August 31st. You can Like Unicoi on Facebook.  They were also on WGN Morning News.  My son is the one with the curly hair standing next to Ana;-)  The art work you see in this post is his.  He has many more wonderful works of art he did at Unicoi too!