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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Review of the Day: John Frieda Full Repair

My hair lately hasn't had any body, fullness and just looks drab. So, I decided to try yet another hair product. I saw that John Frieda has a new line of products to help repair overworked hair like mine. When I was younger I could do anything to my hair and it wouldn't hurt it at all. This year I put highlights in my hair in addition to the perm. Then in October I dyed my hair again. I think the older I get the more fragile the hair becomes. There were several products in this line. There was a shampoo, conditioner, a product specifically for flyaway hair, something that looked like a mousse and the product I bought which was the Perfect Ends Deep Infusion. On the bottle it says that it revives overworked hair. The product was 10.99 so I decided to give it a try.

I have to say this product changed my hair immediately. When I was blow drying it I noticed that my hair had a shine to it. It was fuller and when it was dry it looked much more healthy. It's very soft and actually has some body to it. I was able to style it today instead of just putting it in a ponytail. I'm so happy with this product I'm going to get the shampoo and conditioner next.

UPDATE 1/27/11: I bought the shampoo, conditioner and Root Lift Foam. I love all of the products in this line. My hair is looking healthier each time I use it. The foam is not like the mousse I remember when I was a teenager. It's light, not sticky and doesn't make your hair hard at all. I highly recommend the John Frieda Full Repair line.