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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Review of the Day: Duran Duran-All You Need Is Now

First of all let me tell you that I am a Duranie. I have been a Duran Duran fan since 1982. Yes, I was 2 years old then.(just kidding)Anyway, as a fan I have been anxiously awaiting the release of this record since the last one 'Red Carpet Massacre.' Especially since Mark Ronson co-produced the record with Duran.

My opinions are strictly from a fan's point of view. I'm not a musician so I cannot get into the technical aspects of anything. This album became available by download from iTunes on 12/21/10, but I have had a copy for a few weeks now. It's only available on iTunes. The physical release of the cd will be in late February 2011.

The first track is the title track 'All You Need Is Now.' I like that this is the title track because it's up-tempo and grabs you immediately. As usual Duran know how to make a good dance record. The video is excellent with shots of the band now and a nostalgic look back to the 80s.

Track 2 is 'Blame The Machines.' Another great dance track. It has a very techno feel. I found myself dancing to it much like I would have danced to it in the 80s. It has newscaster Nina Hossain doing the speaking part in the song.

Track 3 is 'Being Followed.' It sounds like it could be part of the soundtrack for a western, but with a disco track over it. The song is quite current because of Twitter and camera phones being everywhere. Someone is always watching what we do.

Track 4 is 'Leave The Light On.' This song is slow, atmospheric in tone. The lyrics are really beautiful. Makes me wonder who Simon was thinking of when he wrote this song.

Track 5 is 'Safe(In the Heat of the Moment).' This song begins with a rap from Scissor Sisters' Ana Matronic. The song is very catchy. This song was actually the first song from the cd I was drawn to except of course for the title track. It sounds like it could have been on any of Duran's albums in the 80s. A dance record that doesn't sound like anything else on the radio currently.

Track 6 is 'Girl Panic.' Fast paced song. Simon in the chorus sounds quite panicked like he's being chased by a bunch of girls. The guitar played by Dom Brown sounds very reminiscent of former member Andy Taylor.

Track 7 is 'The Man Who Stole a Leopard.' This is my favorite track. Kelis provides vocals on this track. This song could have easily been on the Rio record. The beginning reminds me of 'The Chauffeur.' Beautiful strings and Simon's haunting vocal throughout the song "Don't spill my secret" makes this song perfection. Once again Nina Hossain is featured on this track. She delivers a fake news story at the end about the man and his leopard.

Track 8 is 'Runaway, Runaway.' Guitar heavy track. Andy would have loved to play on this song. Really like Roger's drumming on this song. It drives the whole track.

Tracks 9&10 are 'Mediterranea' & 'Before the Rain.' Both songs are slow tracks. Beautifully written and performed. Simon's vocals sound strong on both tracks.

I have to say I can really tell they took their time with this record. Duran Duran are fantastic musicians. They are seriously underrated. Simon's lyrics have never been better. This is the first record since The Wedding Album that I can say I like every song. This is truely a record for the fans. Mark Ronson is a true fan and has done an amazing job with the production along with Duran Duran. 'All You Need Is Now' is available exclusively through iTunes.

Duran Duran are: Simon LeBon-Vocals, Nick Rhodes-Keyboards, John Taylor-Bass and Roger Taylor-Drums.