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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

4 ebooks To Read During Christmas Break (When You Need Some Me Time)

the elements of review 4 ebooks to read

I know Christmas break has just started, but I like to be proactive.  You know that after spending 24/7 with your children during Christmas vacation, you will need a break. You will be looking for places to relax and chill, just to get away.  Even if it is just for 10 minutes. Here are 4 ebooks to read during Christmas break, when you need some me time.   Nauman Ashraf has 4 ebooks from fiction to starting an online business for $ 0.99 each or all 4 for $2.99!

the elements of review 4 ebooks to read

The first ebook is Cold Weather. This is a short story with plenty of action! And the title is perfect for this time of year. Order it here.

The second ebook is In The Park. This is a suspense story about Ali who is sitting in the park on an ordinary day and then he hears a voice! Order it here.

The third ebook is Paper Art. This ebook shows you how to create things with paper including boats and planes.  This ebook is great for getting the kids creative juices flowing during Christmas break.  Instead of sitting in front of a screen all day. My son is always looking for ways to make the perfect paper airplane and if you have a kid like mine, this ebook is for you! Order it here.

The fourth ebook is Online Business. Looking to starting a new online business in 2016?! You are not alone. This ebook shows you how to build your new online business with just a few simple steps. I think $0.99 is a great investment for starting your new online business! Order it here.

If you would like to purchase all four ebooks, you can order them here

Nauman Ashraf works online as a professional writer. He has written ebooks on many different subjects including health, business, writing and relationships.

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