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Friday, December 11, 2015

Urban Herbivore:Foodie Friday

The Elements of Review-Urban Herbivore

I live in Toronto and one of the biggest malls here is the Eaton Centre.  Recently while shopping there, the family and I stopped to get something to eat.  The kids went to Subway, but the husband and I wanted something different.  He had heard good things about Urban Herbivore, so we thought we would give it a chance.

You can custom make your own bowls by choosing from these fresh ingredients!

The Urban Herbivore is not your typical restaurant.  They take pride in offering foods with no chemicals, preservatives or additives.  Everything they make is from scratch.  It's plant-based food. Their packaging is biodegradable, the cutlery and straws are made from corn. Even the lids and bowls are made from sugarcane. 

The Elements of Review-Urban Herbivore
And they have cupcakes too!

These things alone make it worth to eat at Urban Herbivore, but you know what else makes it worth it, the food. It is delicious, nutritious and amazing.  I have only had two meals from Urban Herbivore, but the next time I'm at The Eaton Centre I will go back to try more.  The bowls (Moroccan and Coconut Curry) are so good.  And they give you so much food that I split the bowl.  I have half for lunch and the other half for dinner. It is filling and makes you feel good about what you're eating.  

The Elements of Review-Urban Herbivore
Moroccan Stew

If you are in Toronto and want to have some delicious and healthy food, especially after a marathon day of holiday shopping, I highly recommend the Urban Herbivore.  You will not be disappointed. 

Here is a link to their menu

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