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Friday, February 17, 2012

X-TrainFit Chest & Back

Now I've been doing X-TrainFit for about 4 weeks now. Today I'm going to write about the Chest & Back DVD. Chest & Back "sculpts the upper-torso into the physique you have always wanted."  This DVD is a basic chest and back workout.  The exercises included are push-ups, Superman, chest fly, back fly, chest press, right and left are row, right and left arm staggered push-ups and a lat pull down.  These exercises are done three times through with small variations during the second and third time. The equipment you need for this workout is very little.  All you need are dumbbells, resistance band and a ball.  I like that you can do this workout with resistance bands so you can take the workout with you on the road. I also like that during the second and third time through she does vary the exercises a bit. Stephanie does talk a lot during the workouts and some other reviewers I've read have said that it turns them off.  I just think that's her personality.  She likes to tease the other people in the video by saying they are not working out hard enough.  I just tune that out.  I did like one line she said about exercising.  "It's not the quantity, but the quality of what you can do."