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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seattle Art Museum: The Listening Room

My family and I were recently in Seattle and we went to the Seattle Art Museum .  One thing my husband made sure I saw was the work of American Installation Artist Theaster Gates in The Listening Room.  Mr Gates purchased the remaining collection of vinyl records from the now closed Dr. Wax Records.  Dr. Wax  had been a Chicago institution for decades.  In 2010 it closed it's doors to the Hyde Park store.  In the Listening Room you are able to listen to some of the collection.  In the program it says that "One goal of the project is to encourage discussions about hard truths through music and other charged material."  Also, there is a deejay performing live on first Thursdays and Sundays. Check it out if you are going to be in Seattle. It runs through July 1, 2012.