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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Physique 57 Workout Kit 3 Disc Set With Ball and Pump (2009)

This is a 3 disc DVD set and it comes with a ball and a pump. The first DVD I did was the Express 30 Minute Full Body Workout. It's a full body workout you can do in 30 minutes. You need very little equipment. Just the ball, a chair and exercise mat. It's lead by Tanya Becker a creator of Physique 57. This workout to me was like the Bar Method on steroids. There wasn't any jumping around, but my heart rate was elevated and I was sweating like crazy. During the lower body portion of the workout she said "Squeeze the cellulite out!" That's just what it felt like I was doing. By the end of the segment my legs felt like Jello. I loved it!

Next was the Arm & Abs Booster 30 Minute Workout. This is an express workout just for the arms and abs, but you also get an inner thigh workout as well. It's lead by Master Instructor Shelly Knight. This workout uses the playground ball a lot more than the previous workout during the floor exercises. While doing the ab exercises to cinch your waist you easily get an inner thigh and leg workout. Shelly's teaching style is described as upbeat on the back of the DVD. That it is! Sometimes it seems like she doesn't take a breath while talking. We go from one exercise to the other without taking a break. The 30 minutes go by quickly. Even during the mat work while laying down I was sweating up a storm.

Finally the last disc is the Full 57 Minute Workout. Which is just the exercises from the other DVDs in one. It's lead by Tanya Becker. I think every muscle in the body is worked on during this workout. At the end I felt sore all over. The program promises that you will see results within 8 workouts. I plan to do these DVDs at least 3 times a week. It's a highly effective, challenging workout. One line that Tanya Becker says from the DVD is "How you workout is how you want to design your body."

Update 2/3/11: I've been using the workout kit at least 3 times a week. I'm really happy with the results. I've lost inches off my waist and hips. My arms and inner thighs are tighter. Working out 3 days a week has been good. I might boost it up to 4.

Update: 4/22/12-Doing this workout for the 1st time in a long time for my 30 Day No Repeat Part Deux Challenge and wondering why I ever stopped doing it.  Amazed at how my heart rate stayed high for most of the workout which means not only was I toning but also burning fat.  I did the Classic Full Body Workout this morning and burned 314 calories;-)

And they have released since I bought the first set a new set that I will definitely get soon!