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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Gerber Graduates

I received samples of Gerber Graduates for Preschoolers Cereal Twists, Fruit Twists and Juice Treats. The Fruit Twists and Juice Treats are both great sources of vitamin C. The Fruit Twists have a 1/2 fruit serving per twist. The Fruit and Cereal Twists have no artificial flavors or sweeteners. The Cereal Twists are a great source of iron, zinc, vitamin E and five B vitamins for growth and development.

These snacks are excellent for preschoolers. Both my school age child and my preschooler liked everything. I tried them myself and I have to say I really liked the Juice Treats. The Fruit Twists are available in Apple/Strawberry and Grape/Cherry Berry. The Cereal Twists are available in Strawberry/Blueberry, Raspberry/Vanilla and Banana/Peach. The Juice Treats are available in Fruit Medley and Tropical.