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Friday, February 12, 2016

Stop Avoiding Twitter! How to Increase Engagement and Followers

I have been talking to some small business owners who have told me that Twitter is the one social media platform they avoid.  Some of them don't know if they should be on Twitter or feel they have hit a brick wall trying to gain followers. Can you relate?! Is this you?!

Last week I talked about having success on Twitter and I mentioned two articles.  I pulled from those articles the 3 things I thought were most important in launching your Twitter success. My top 3 were to be consistent, be creative and be present. Let's expand on those 3 things.

Being consistent

Focus on your brand and tweet out consistent material.  Your message to your followers and potential customers should be brand related and sincere.  People can see through the insincerity.  Also be consistent on how often you tweet.  I usually tweet in the morning about trending topics or current events, I might throw a few tweets out in the afternoon and then I'm on Twitter in the evening engaging or live tweeting an event or TV show.

Be Creative

Photos and videos with your tweets.  If you are on Instagram you can create a recipe from IFTTT (If This Then That) that actually posts a picture from Instagram, instead of a link. Photos and images can give you more clicks and retweets. It also helps others see exactly what you are posting on your Instagram account and makes them more likely to follow you there.

Being present is my number one thing to being successful on Twitter.  

You can't expect to tweet a couple of times a day to build a following. My favorite thing about Twitter is that it's fast paced and now.  Your Twitter followers are similar to your email list, you have to nurture them. It's people talking or tweeting live.  I enjoy interacting with people during live tweeting movies or tv shows.

The thing I love about Twitter is that the interaction is immediate.  

It's not like Facebook where interaction is sometimes like pulling teeth.  I sometimes go to Facebook and tap the screen like a mic and say "Is this thing on?"  Interact with your followers and follow people in your field.

I am shocked at the amount of followers I have now. Most of my followers are purely organic, I  follow you, you follow me.  Some of my followers are from me asking folks to follow me when I have a giveaway, but 90% of my followers are purely organic and I try to interact with them as much as possible.  Even if it's just a like on their post.

Recently I have been experimenting with CoPromote

CoPromote is another way to increase followers and your brand.  With CoPromote you can promote someone's post on your Twitter timeline and you can get yours promoted as well.  I tried it out with one of my post and only received four retweets, but I did gain some followers.  I am going to keep trying CoPromote and write a review in a couple of weeks.

These are my most important tips to being successful on Twitter.  They are very basic and not gimmicky. Follow these tips every day and you will definitely feel more comfortable with Twitter.  Soon they will become second nature to you.

What is your biggest struggle with Twitter?! Please feel free to reach out to me on Twitter at @dancingvalentin!  

P.S. I know as a small business owner you don't have a lot of money for social media marketing.  I understand that more than you know.  If you are struggling with social media or don't have the time or even know where to get started, I can help.  Check out my plans on Fiverr.

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