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Friday, January 1, 2016

Lose The Cape Review

So before you became a mom, what did you think motherhood would be like?! To be honest, I never really thought about it because I thought it would never happen to me.  I can tell you that I didn't think it would be as challenging as it is.  My mom made it look easy.  Now, she only had me.  I have two children an 11 year old boy and a 9 year old girl.  My kids, I love them to death, but there are some days.....You know what I mean.

Well, Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had Kids!)

is a book that contains short real-life stories from various moms.  I love this book because I now really know that I'm not alone.  I found myself laughing and nodding yes at most of the stories.  I believe the moms in the book are saying it's ok that I'm not perfect, just as long as I'm doing the best I can.  

Check out this Synopsis

Lose the Cape! Never Will I Ever (and then I had Kids!)
Most of us had grandiose ideas of what we would be like as parents; what we would allow our children to do and all those things we would never allow our children to do. We may have sworn we would never let our child watch more than 30 minutes of television, or sleep in our bed, or eat chicken nuggets or God forbid, cheese from a can (gasp!). Yet, the moment those little bundles of joy entered our lives, reality took over. Soon enough, we realized that before children, we knew nothing about being parents.
From breastfeeding to co-sleeping, pledging to feed our children all natural, home cooked meals and so forth, there often comes a point in time where surviving parenthood supersedes your views and your “nevers” slip away. Right?
Never Will I Ever is a collection of essays by mothers (and one brave dad!) who share their stories of how they evolved as parents and learned that when it comes to raising children, we can never say never.
Editors Bios
Alexa Bigwarfe is a freelance writer, wife, and mother of three children and a dog. In addition to raising her children, managing her home, and writing, Alexa’s heart is in advocacy and raising funds to support nonprofit organizations involved with infant, children and women’s issues. Alexa launched her writing with her personal blog No Holding Back, ( Here she chronicles topics including health and wellness, living with autoimmune diseases, and most importantly, her grief after the loss of one of her twin daughters to complications from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome (TTTS). Alexa took the experience from that painful life event and channeled it into a compilation book for grieving mothers entitled Sunshine After the Storm: A Survival Guide for the Grieving Mother. She has also been published in two anthologies, The Mother of All Meltdowns and The HerStories Project. Alexa enjoys writing articles about parenting and children’s health and wellness topics for regional parenting publications and online magazines. In her “spare” time, you can find Alexa enjoying time with her girlfriends or hiding in her closet for some “alone” time. Find her at

Kerry Rivera is a full-time working mom of three kids with a to-do list that stretches to “infinity and beyond.” Between a demanding corporate gig, the nightly homework and kids’ activities, and managing a household with her full-time working husband, she blogs about the “juggle” at Her career journey started in the newsroom trenches and has since transitioned to working for one of the largest global automotive companies. She additionally writes for corporations, government agencies and brands in her “spare” time, and especially enjoys sharing the joys of modern parenthood around the web. Her love for content creation is only trumped by her love for content consumption. Her Kindle and nightstand are equally full, and a stack of magazines can be found in every room of the house. As a Southern California native, she takes advantage of the outdoors, enjoying both the beaches and mountains with family and friends, and loves to caffeinate with Starbucks Refreshers and Coke. She aspires to perfect a handstand in yoga, but is still working on touching her toes. Find her at
I really enjoyed reading Lose The Cape and will read again whenever I feel that need a pick me up. You can buy Lose the Cape at

To find out more about Lose the Cape: Never Will I Ever (and then I had Kids!) here's the social media info.