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Monday, January 26, 2015

Celebrating 1985 My Favorite Year For Music: January

I was watching a show on Channel 5 in the UK. It was called 10 Things I Hate About 1987. I was curious about this show because for me there wasn't much to hate about the 80s. I'm an 80s girl and proud of it!

The host talked about some of the cringeworthy things that happened that year and yes ok some of it was bad, but because it was the UK I didn't remember a lot of it. That got me to thinking about my favorite year for music which was 1985. That was the year I lived in record stores and concert venues. Saw some great concerts that year and spent a ton of dollars on music.

I'm not a musician or a professional critic, I'm just a music lover. So I will just talk about the albums released each month, some events that happened that month and I will highlight my favorite album(s) released during each month.

In January 1985 many artists gathered together after the Grammys to record We Are The World for USA for Africa. It was a response to the British Do They Know It's Christmas. Which was a huge success in raising money for the people of Africa.  John Fogerty released Centerfield, David Lee Roth released his first solo album Crazy From the Heat and my favorite album released that month was from Phil Collins No Jacket Required. The album went 12x platinum in the US. Worldwide success and spawned many hits. There are many great songs on No Jacket Required, but I think my favorite is Don't Lose My Number. It has a great video as well.

Of course I have to talk about the title of the album because of the Chicago connection.  Collins was not allowed to dine in The Pump Room a restaurant in Chicago because he didn't have the proper attire, a suit jacket. Very clever of him to take a situation that made him angry and turn it into something great. I'm sure he had no problem getting into The Pump Room after this album was released.

Please join me every month this year as I highlight my favorite albums  and events from the year 1985.  I would love to hear what are some of your memories from 1985? Please feel free to leave a comment.  You can also connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and now finally I'm on Instagram!