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Friday, September 13, 2013

Brown Sugar Bakery Chicago Review

Brown Sugar Bakery Review

For months I wanted to go to Brown Sugar Bakery.  The pictures of their cakes on Facebook had me salivating every time they would post them.  I finally got my chance my last week in Chicago.  When I entered I marveled at the selection and how large the cakes were.

Brown Sugar Bakery
Huge cake a Brown Sugar Bakery!

Brown Sugar Bakery Chicago
The Menu

I decided to try the cupcakes.  Unfortunately the cupcakes were not marked.  So I had to ask the lady behind the counter what some of them were.  There were so many I didn't want to ask about each one.  I think that's a waste of  the customer's time and the staff's time as well not to have the items identified.   I decided on three of them.  The lemon, vanilla caramel and the chocolate.

Brown Sugar Bakery

The cupcakes were so delicious!  All of them were large, bigger than cupcakes I've had from other bakeries.  They all had a thick layer of frosting on top.  The cake was moist.  A melt in your mouth moist.  It was definitely worth the wait.

The only other complaint that I have is that they put my cupcakes in big styrofoam containers.  I didn't drive there and I didn't go straight home after buying the cupcakes.  The cupcakes moved around and most of the frosting ended up on the stryrofoam.  That was really disappointing.

Brown Sugar Bakery Chicago
My cupcakes after traveling around Chicago for 2 hours.

Despite the bakery items not being marked and the styrofoam containers I would highly recommend Brown Sugar Bakery.  The cakes were worth the wait! Follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook! Brown Sugar Bakery is located at 328 E 75th st Chicago 773-224-6262.