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Friday, March 4, 2016

Share Your Instagram Photos on Pinterest With Tailwind

Did you know you can pin your Instagram pictures to Pinterest?!  Are you using Buffer right now to pin to Pinterest?!  Have you heard of Tailwind?! Now you can share your Instagram pictures on Pinterest quickly and easily?!


sharing instagram photos on Pinterest


I've been trying to figure out a new way to increase traffic to my blogs and social media platforms.  I've been told by other Social Media Managers that Pinterest is the way to go.  But with Pinterest you have to pin a lot, at least 10 or more pins a day

I have been neglecting Pinterest because of my new obsession with Instagram.  I thought maybe I would try to get more followers to my Instagram account from PinterestSo, I decided to look for a system that could post a lot of pins for me.  The best times to post on Pinterest is late at night and I can't focus on anything after 10pm. Then I found Tailwind. 

During the first week of Tailwind my Pinterest followers increased by 64. 

With Tailwind you can create pins to post to Pinterest.  You can also sync it to Instagram and it can post IG pictures too.  Tailwind automatically schedules when it will post your pin for you.  You can also schedule the pins to post when you want.  I really like Tailwind.  I haven't had any issues with it.  It posts everything I have asked it to.  It's so nice not worrying about posting pins.  Tailwind has a free trial and easy to use. 

Pinterest Stats
Tailwind analytics shows my followers increased by 64 the first week.

Tailwind posting to pinterest
The Tailwind Scheduler

With the free trial you get 100 pins. 

I used Tailwind and I pinned things manually too.  I found that I did get more followers on Pinterest, but can't really say if the new followers I have on Instagram are from Pinterest.  Below is a screenshot of my last week on Tailwind with the free trial.  During the end I started pinning less and still got new followers, but not as many as before.

Pin from Instagram to Pinterest
Pinterest followers increased by only 9.

Tailwind is very easy to use and  I recommend it for anyone who wants to pin pictures quickly from Instagram or any other site.  I think if you are consistent with pinning you can increase your Pinterest followers with Tailwind. 

To start your free trial just go to the Tailwind website here

Are you using Tailwind?! How do you like it? Let me know in the comments section below.  And please follow me on Instagram and Pinterest!