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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My thoughts about BlogHer13

I know BlogHer13 has been over for weeks, but I was very busy visiting family and friends in Chicago and now that I'm in Vancouver I can formulate my thoughts about the conference.

When I got off the bus in front of McCormick Place I thought I would see a big banner welcoming us to the conference.  Or at least someone out front telling us where to go.  There wasn't any of that.  I followed some arrows and ended up interrupting a commercial shoot. Embarrassed I finally found my way.

I was intimidated because this was my first blogging conference.  Immediately I realized that going to BlogHer by yourself is a bore.  I saw a lot of people meeting and greeting.  I knew no one! I had to force myself to make small talk which did bring me out of my comfort zone.  Met some very interesting people,  The sessions were good, but I noticed that more often than not there would always be two sessions that I wanted to attend happening at the same time,

I liked a lot of the brands.  Although I was hoping to see more beauty and health brands.  There was a ton of food and after sampling for a couple of hours I had no room for lunch.  The first day lunch was awesome.  I believe it was Greek food.

When I handed someone my card I wonder did they take me seriously or just took the card because I offered it? Did they sense that I really didn't know what I was doing or notice that I wasn't as forceful as some of the other bloggers?  I was glad I brought extra bags with me because it was true about the amount of swag.  I was happy I had three weeks in Chicago to either use it up myself or give it out to family and friends. 

BlogHer13 Chicago
My favorite bag of swag from CVS

BlogHer was great and I would go again especially if it was in Chicago or NYC. I have realized in the past few weeks what I want to do with my life.  I want to do social media marketing.  I really enjoy developing a strategy of how to inform others about a brand and introducing brands to other brands via social media.  Hoping to make that dream a reality within the next year!