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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Larabar: Coconut Cream Pie


I have been a fan of Larabar for several years now.  Larabar is made from fruit and nuts.  Larabar is sugar and gluten free. While shopping for groceries yesterday I saw a new flavor Coconut Cream Pie.  I've tasted most of the bars, but I have to say my favorite has always been the Apple Pie.  Now it's the Coconut Cream Pie.  It had a sweet, strong coconut flavor.  Loved it!  Wish I had bought more.  Hoping to get to the store again soon to buy more.  Try it and tell me how you like it. Do you have a favorite Larabar flavor?!  Find out more about Larabar by checking out their website, Facebook and Twitter.