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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Guest Post by Mark Victor Hansen: Computers help reveal innate intelligence

Ten years ago, Kaiser Elementary School was run by Mrs. Chris Jurenka. My kids used to go to that school. The students were really diverse in culture and language. They also had kids who had some kind of learning disability because of which they were really quiet. Mrs. Jurenka spent $150,000 to get computers installed in her school. Each child with a learning disability had a computer in front of him. The next thing you know, these kids were interfacing with the computers. Soon, through the computers, they were sharing their feelings and were actually able to express themselves. The program was further expanded to teach all the kids English. This was a major success too.

Another, more recent, instance I can recall is one of this boy who was featured on 60 minutes. This little kid was inarticulate. But with a palmtop, he openly voiced his desires, feelings and wants. All it took was a palmtop – and I think that shows us something really important.

Kids with learning disabilities are not quiet because they’re not intelligent. They’re quiet because they have no real medium through which they can communicate. Computers are actually solving this problem. Kids can interface with computers really easily, irrespective of their disabilities. You can see their true intelligence through this interaction – you can see what they think, how they feel, what they want and so much more.

Moreover, this technology is not one that only a few people can afford. Computers today, are within everybody’s reach, even if you think that they’re out of your budget. Public libraries are free over most of U.S, Canada and Europe. Each public library has sections dedicated to computers. So if you want to use one, you’re absolutely free to walk in and use it. Computers aid many kids in overcoming the barrier of communication. Once this barrier is eradicated, the kids are able to shine and their true genius becomes apparent.

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