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Saturday, October 27, 2012 Review


I'm currently doing the Go Fit Gals 6 Week Shape Up plan. It's a great plan with good food and challenging workouts. On the plan I do the workouts provided on certain days. On other days I'm required to do a cardio workout of my choice. Lately I find myself heading towards the computer instead of my DVD player. Instead of doing one of my 80 plus workout DVDs I go to YouTube where I can find Fitness Blender. Fitness Blender has hundreds of full workouts. From Barre to HIIT to kickboxing. You name it they have it. I have done several so far. My favorites are the Standing Abs and Kettlebell Cardio HIIT. I plan to do more in the next few weeks. And I plan to do their Fitness Blender’s 8 Week Boot Camp – Functional Strength Training Program starting in January 2013.  For more information you can find out more information at, Facebook and Twitter.